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What we know about Wild Cat's second voyage:

The Wild Cat was circumnavigating the world from east to west. This means that she almost certainly passed through the Panama Canal as rounding Cape Horn against the prevailing westerly winds would have been very difficult.

Ports visited[]

Those mentioned are:

The loss of Wild Cat by fire[]

There is no land in sight. When they are transferring petrol Captain Flint says We'll make Swatow tomorrow. Later in Amazon he says that they will Sit tight .... plumb in the track of steamers .... Land's not so very far away, but the China coast is a queer one ... It's got to be a treaty port or nowhere (ML2).

In Swallow Titty asks Which way are we going? and John says North West .... China (ML3).

Intended destinations[]

The fire prevented her from reaching the planned ports (or places they might have gone to):

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