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Wild Cat is a small green two-masted schooner, based on a Baltic trading schooner. Captain Flint had altered the Baltic trading schooner by decking over the hold and given it a long skylight to have a saloon with four cabins and as many lockers and store cupboards off the saloon and fo'c'sle as possible (PD1).

Used by Captain Flint to take the Swallows and Amazons on Wild Cat's first voyage described in Peter Duck and Wild Cat's second voyage in Missee Lee. As she only appears within these two books, Wild Cat has fiction-within-fiction status.


'Their Own Story' describes Mr Duck suggesting the name for the schooner. He had spotted the name Wild Cat Island written on a "chart" in the book Swallows and Amazons (TOS2 printed in CFT).


The Wild Cat was burned by Gibber in 'Missie Lee' and was therefore destroyed