The Watch Tower Rock is a big, square, flat-topped rock (which) rose out of the heather (SD12), and is mentioned several times in Swallowdale. It is on the moorland above the steep northern side of the valley, and John says it will be a watch-tower (SD13). It has a bit of a hollow in the top of the rock so that if you lie down, nobody can see you except with a telescope from the tops of the mountains says Titty.The best way of climbing it, up or down, was on the side of it nearest to Swallowdale.(SD14)

Titty and Roger are looking out for an attack by the Amazons while Titty does her school holiday task, but when Roger sees the approaching red caps French verbs had lost their chance for that day (SD16}.

Before climbing Kanchenjunga, they went to the Watch Tower Rock, climbed its steepest side, just for practice, and stood on the top of it, all four of them, looking over the moorland towards the distant hills (SD21).

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