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Tyson's Farm is further below High Topps than Atkinson's Farm: the only other farm's right down in the bottom of the valley says Peggy. But when Mrs Blackett says But Mrs Tyson's right down in the valley .... You might just as well stay here Nancy replies that Tyson's miles nearer than here. It isn't like being on the wrong side of Ling Scar (PP6). So at Tyson's the miners of SADMC will be near enough to High Topps to go prospecting for the lost mine in Pigeon Post.

Mrs Tyson's grown-up son Robin Tyson manages the farm, with a farm-hand. They have cows to milk (PP6,16,34).

Mrs Tyson is apprehensive of a fire, so the miners initially have to camp in the orchard, and sit down to breakfast and dinner at the farm prepared by Mrs Tyson. But when Titty finds water, they move up to Camp Might Have Been.

Next year they visit Mrs Tysons after going to the Gulch; she gives them tea and a pot of honey (PM24) and apologises again for thinking that they had set the Topps afire.