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The doctor appears in Winter Holiday and The Picts and the Martyrs. He is described (WH8) as a small, neat, pink-faced man, with a bowler hat and white chamois leather gloves. He drives a car, which has a running-board; and he says that "The car's meant to hold four, so there ought to be room for a mere eight”. As the doctor and Dorothea are in the front there are six in the back.

He is not keen on being involved in Nancy’s schemes, but in Winter Holiday agrees to pass some items to and from Nancy (WH14,20); he is visiting Nancy regularly while she has mumps

In The Picts and the Martyrs he agrees to not tell the Great Aunt about the Ds unless asked. The Great Aunt is not sick but likes to have a doctor hanging about like she has at Harrogate. Nancy says He’s never as bad as he pretends. (PM8). In the final scene, he stammers to the Great Aunt that he thought he might have been needed (PM29).

He apparently lives at the Head of the lake, as when they stop him on his way back from Nook Farm to look at Nancy, he has been going to drive home over the bridge which goes there (WH8).