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'The McGinty' is the pseudonym given to the landholder or laird who owned the glen in which the Great Northern Divers were nesting in Great Northern?. He is described as A tall old man, in full Highland dress, with tartan kilt and deerskin sporran (GN26). His son is Ian, the young chieftain.

The McGinty is initially hostile to the crew of the Sea Bear, but when the destructive intentions of Mr Jemmerling become known, he helps to protect the divers.


The McGinty's actual name, along with placenames and navigation chart numbers, was suppressed to keep the location of the divers secret.

Dorothea suggested the name McGinty, that of the late Irish husband of the Farlands' widowed Glaswegian housekeeper Mrs McGinty. They hear a name in the lockup There will be talk enough when the McGinty sees you but it is not McGinty; Dorothea suggests the use of McGinty as the real name would tell everybody exactly where the Great Northern Divers had their nest (GN24).