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This article is about the club, For the book, see Coot Club.

The Coot Club is an environmental organisation started by Tom Dudgeon covering the Norfolk Broads and based in Horning. The Club also exists to have fun, but in BS has to turn its hand to crime-busting. The most important part of the club is the Bird Protection Society (BS1).

The full title of the club is The Coot Club (commencing with 'The'). The Coot Club was written on a large card in big blue-pencilled letters hanging on the main wall in Tom Dudgeon's shed; Dot takes it down and writes Scotland Yard on the back in big letters using a pencil that Pete found for her (BS15).

There had been the building of the drawbridge last summer. That had been pretty good fun while it lasted, and the drawbridge (across the dyke between the Dudgeons and the Farlands) was still useful. Then there had been bird protection, which was still going very strong. Piracy had been a good plan once, but it had had its day except among the younger Coots, who refused to be weaned from it (CC3).


"What it is," said Mrs Barrable, "to be a member of the Coot Club" (CC15)


In addition to Horning, there are members in the following outposts:

Non-resident members[]

  • The Ds: Dick and Dorothea Callum: Ds are here in another four days said Bill; Joe says Good luck ... That bring the Coot Club here in Horning up to six. We been short with Port and Starboard away (BS1). Later when Bill says The Coot Club's bust already. Only us three and Tom, Dorothea says And Dick and me (BS17).

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