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Tabitha Lewis (born Tabitha Ransome) was Arthur Ransome and Ivy Walker's daughter.

Tabitha was born in Bournemouth on 9 May 1910. AR wrote that Ivy "insisted that I should be in the room while my daughter was being born, but, just before the delivery was complete, her doctor had the humanity to send me to his own house for a bottle he pretended to have forgotten" LAR p136

She was called Tabitha because in the later stage of pregnancy Ivy was quite large. When asked what she would do with the expected twins she replied Oh, drown the black one and keep the tabby.

She married a dockworker John Lewis in 1934. Tabitha and John had two children, a son and a daughter.

In 1942 she wrote from Falmouth, offering to sell her father his library of books that she inherited from her mother. Deeply offended, he did not reply and she sold his books to a London bookseller for the bargain price of £25 (TLE page 360).