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Swatow, in China, now called Shantou, is mentioned several times in Missee Lee. Swatow was the next intended port of call of Wild Cat on her second voyage after leaving the hundredth port. It was a treaty port in those days. Captain Flint had an old friend there (ML1) whom they planned to visit.

The harbourmaster says Go by steamship and get the visit over rather than risk an encounter with "Missee Lee".

The planned voyage to Swatow is prevented by a fire (caused by Gibber) and the sinking of the Wild Cat. Before the fire Captain Flint had said We'll make Swatow tomorrow and then Hey for Hongkong and Singapore (ML2).

After their shipwreck they are imprisoned on the Three Islands. They cannot send a message home as it would Bling gunboats (ML13). Later when Miss Lee proposes to release them and Captain Flint asks How are you going to get rid of us ... Send us off to Hong Kong ... or Singapore ... or any treaty port (where) we can get in touch with a consul, Miss Lee says that You will talk to a consul. The consul will send teleglams to the admilal. The admilal will send orders to gunboats and gunboats will come and smash up all Thlee Islands business. She asks them not to go to Hong Kong, not to go to Macao, not to go to Hainan, not to go to any harbour till you leave all China seas. So Captain Flint promises that We'll touch nowhere before Singapore (ML23).

At the end they found their way to Singapore where they send off a telegram. Then they went on with their voyage and finish at St Mawes in Cornwall (ML27).

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