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The Swallows take their name from their borrowed dinghy the Swallow. They are all members of the Walker family staying at as paying guests with the Jacksons of Holly Howe.

The Swallows consist of:

Other occasional members of the crew are:

The Swallows are a larger crew than the Amazons, and "Swallow" becomes the flagship of their little fleet after Titty takes "Amazon" as a prize. They function almost like a family in microcosm, with John taking on the responsible role of father and leader, and Susan in the position of caring for the crew's safety and wellbeing. Titty and Roger function as the crew, and often have adventures together, when John and Susan are either unavailable or uninterested. Although the younger two tend to get involved in their own exploits without the involvement of John and Susan, the older two have the more responsibility, which leads to their decisions often carrying more weight.

The Swallows are Eels, by the act becoming blood brothers and sisters.

The Swallows are present in 9 of the 12 books of the Swallows and Amazons series:

They are not present in Coot Club, The Big Six, or The Picts And The Martyrs'(though they are mentioned)'.