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This article is so-called to avoid confusion with the book Swallowdale

Swallowdale is a valley towards the southern end of the Lake, on the fells on the western shore. A beck flows from Trout Tarn, down one waterfall into Swallowdale, down another waterfall and eventually through steep woodland down to the lake at Horseshoe Cove, near Swainsons Farm. On one side of the valley, hidden somewhat by heather and bracken, is Peter Duck's Cave. As a boy, Captain Flint had called it Ben Gunn's Cave (one of the two occasions in Swallowdale where we learn something of Captain Flint's boyhood, the other one being the top of Kanchenjunga).

On the moor above the valley is the Watch Tower Rock.

The Amazons have not been to the valley before as We've never gone up to the moor from this side (SD4); and Nancy says when she sees it It's the best hiding-place I've ever seen ... And to think that it's been here all these years and we never knew it (SD13).

Trout Tarn[]

Trout Tarn is above Swallowdale, and the beck runs through it to Swallowdale. Captain Flint says that Swallowdale has got a good trout tarn up above it. I'll show you how to catch trout there (SD10).

The tarn is nearly a mile beyond Swallowdale, high on the top of the moor, a little lake lying in a hollow of rock and heather. When the Swallows saw it, they wished almost that they had made their camp on its rocky shores. Titty and Roger catch a two pound trout ..... one of the grandfathers there, on float-tackle (SD15).

When they see the hounds from the Watch Tower Rock, Susan says There’s one. All by himself. By Trout Tarn (SD17).

An original Swallowdale?[]

Location-hunters have identified several possible Swallowdales. One is in the area of Beacon Tarn (the likely model for Trout Tarn) near Coniston. A second suggestion is the upper end of Tilberthwaite Gill (an area close to that also considered to be the model for High Topps). A third is upper Miterdale, though Arthur Ransome is not known to have frequented the area.