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St Mawes is a small town opposite Falmouth, on the south coast of Cornwall, England.


  • Swallowdale: The elder Swallows and Amazons compare fog on the Lake to that experienced near Falmouth: "When we had such a job to find St Mawes." "And the lighthouse was lowing like a cow." "It isn't fog in the Channel," said Nancy. "It's fog here. ... (SA32).
  • Missee Lee: The Shining Moon and her crew make landfall here after returning from the Three Islands: And you may, yourselves, have read in the newspapers how the people of St. Mawes, in Cornwall, woke one morning to find a little Chinese junk, with a monkey ... (ML27).

Ransome and St Mawes[]

Arthur Ransome wrote to his mother from St Mawes while on holiday there, on 1 Dec 1933 (Coincidentally, he saluted her My dearest Maw, as he often did) (SFM).

His friend Herbert J. Hanson had suggested a stay in St Mawes. There he sailed on the Falmouth coast in Hanson’s yacht Iolanthe, and half-planned a story set in St Mawes with its creeks and pine-covered hills and gardens and palm trees CFT pp110,111