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South America

Captain Flint was sent to South America as a young man, after he chucked Oxford (SA11).

Once he crossed the Andes, travelling day and night, on much less of a hint of (buried) treasure than they have from Mr Duck who saw the burial of treasure on the island as a boy (PD8).

Later he was with Timothy in Peru, and above Pernambuco in Brazil where they discuss new ways of prospecting for copper in the fells (PP2,35).

John asks How long does it take to come (home) from South America, and Nancy replies dispiritedly Not long in a fast ship ..... but ages in a tramp (PP32).

Books on Peru in the study (PM19).

Timothy asks Nancy How do the police come into it? Once they're in, you never know where they'll stop. She asks him What do you know about it? Have you ever been wanted by them before? and he replies Only in Peru .... Did your Uncle Jim never tell you about the time when he and I ... Oh, never mind about that. Go on . What sort of a mess are we all in now? (PM21).

The Swallows see a steamer with La Plata .... That's the River Plate on her stern (WD4). Later John said that we've come from the River Plate as Dover seemed too near (WD7).

Captain Flint sent two coloured postcards of the River Plate for a pair of wild nieces (PP27).

Rio is named for the destination Rio Grande mentioned in the sea song 'Away to Rio' (SA3).

The Horn or Cape Horn on southern South America is mentioned several times.

  • Mr Duck has been round the Horn, which was a challenge for sailing ships..
  • When the Swallows see the four-masted barque Pommern Daddy says In ballast .... She'll have left her grain at Ipswitch. She'll have come round the Horn from Australia .... (WD24).

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