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Slug was Arthur and Evgenia’s first boat in the Baltic, she was purchased in the spring of 1920 in Reval in Estonia when Arthur saw her being painted green by a longshoreman and for sale. She was replaced by Kittiwake in March 1921 as an open boat was not suitable for cruising (though they took her for a 60 mile cruise).

She was named Slug as when the sails were first hoisted she moved very slowly into the middle of the bay, where “we were looking at the Rock of Reval from the sea as I had so often promised we would.”

She was 17 feet long with two broad seats, a patched gaff-mainsail and a small triangular foresail or staysail called locally a “cleaver”, and round boulders for ballast. She had rotten rigging and leaked; she twice sank at her mooring. They had to swim out to her mooring at Lahepe Bay or use a raft.


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