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The Ship's Articles or Ship's Papers list a ship's owners and crew.

The Swallows are illustrated "Making Ship’s Papers" on the Peak in Darien, and the text said that day after day the children had been camping on the Peak of Darien by day (using “of” not “in”) (SA1).

An illustration of "The Original Ship’s Papers (Inked at Home)" is shown at the front of Swallowdale, and must have been prepared after the end of Swallows and Amazons as Polly and Gibber are included.

In Swallows and Amazons, they are called the "Ship's Articles"; John says Let's make the Ships Articles ...., although the illustration of the Swallows on the Peak in Darien is titled "Making Ship’s Papers". They are written on a sheet of paper with sums on the other side. The names listed end with Roger (not Roger Walker) in the text (SA1).

The Ship’s Articles or Ships Papers (SD) are signed by the Swallows, although Polly and Gibber have "His Mark" for them, and the Ships Baby: Bridget has a shaky “B”:

Sailing Vessel. Swallow Port. Holly Howe
Owners: Walkers Limited
Master: John Walker John Walker
Mate: Susan Walker Susan
Able-seaman Titty Walker Titty A.B.
Ship’s Boy. Roger Walker Roger
Ship’s Parrot: Polly His Mark
Ships Monkey: Gibber His Mark (I held his hand. Roger)

When the Goblin returns to Harwich from Flushing the Customs officer says: Let’s see the ship’s papers which are in a big envelope (WD26).