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Scotland, around the Outer Hebrides islands, is the setting for Great Northern?.

The island, one of the islands of the Hebrides (GN1), is not named. Later they are leaving for Mallaig tomorrow morning (GN10) to give Sea Bear back to Mac in Glasgow.

The local inhabitants are the Gaelic-speaking Gaels. They find Ian's notebook in the Picthouse: It's Gaelic. It belongs to one of the natives. A savage Gael .... says Titty (GN4).

There are references to a day in Skye (GN4), getting out of Tarbert .... into Portree (GN7), and to Lewis ref req.

other books[]

From the summit of Kanchenjunga You can see right into Scotland (SD27).

Jim Brading and Uncle Bob planned to try for Scotland on board Goblin (WD1), until Jim had his accident.

Mrs McGinty, the housekeeper to Frank Farland, was born in Glasgow, but is the widow of an Irishman (CC3).

The Picts were a Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Celtic people living in eastern and northern Scotland rather than England (as Dot thinks in PM), and who later merged with the Gaels: see Wikipedia:Picts

Arthur Ransome[]

Arthur Ransome visited the Hebrides in May 1945 and July 1946 while writing Great Northern?, staying at Uig Lodge on the Isle of Lewis. He returned there several times to fish for salmon (CFT p204,205).