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School: The Swallows and Amazons go to boarding schools as many middle-class children did, probably single-sex like most boarding schools in England then might have been.

Titty and Roger go to different schools from Susan and John respectively. Their schools are further from the Lake than John and Susan's (PP1), whose schools had a few days when skating took the place of duller games (WH5).

Nancy and Peggy go to the same school; they were both tired of having only each other as listener (SD3), and Before leaving, Mrs Blackett had visited Nancy and Peggy at their school (PM1). The school was in the north, as they always had a few days ... skating (WH5). In Pigeon Post, Nancy says that Captain Flint told Mother she must never have the G.A. here again except in term time (PM3), when the Amazons will be away at school.

In early 1931, the Walkers' school health certificates (plural), which they find so interesting, were headed by the school's name in large handsome letters (WH9). When Molly Blackett looks at The Ds certificates (plural) one glance was enough to show Mrs Blackett that it was the same with the Callums as it was with the Walkers, so they cannot return to the school until the expiry of the quarantine period of twenty-eight days. So Mrs Blackett writes letters (plural) on their behalf explaining their quarantine absence. Mrs Dixon had met Mrs Callum in town when she was given the school papers by her before we were catching the train (in towns, not like going up to the station here) back to the Lake; i.e. the D's were accompanied by Mrs Dixon on the train trip north (WH9).

Following the summer of 1931, Dick evidently goes to a boarding school, while Dorothea remains in London. She had been seen off by her mother at Euston. Dick, coming straight from school, had joined the train at Crewe (PM1). Rejoicing that they had been allowed to go north at once .... instead of .... sweltering in London. For Dot London last night, and now Beckfoot. (PM2)

The Death and Glories go to day schools, as they can play truant to check on the coot with the white feather; so does Tom Dudgeon, though he can get on the river only at week-ends. There is no mention in CC or BS of any of them being absent during term.

But in term-time Port and Starboard were away at school (CC4), and they have been sent away to school in Paris (BS9).

Daisy was sitting in the cockpit, entertaining Susan and Titty with a few words about School Certificates (SW20).

Jim Brading is an ex-Rugby School student headed for Oxford University on a scholarship (WD2). Both Arthur Ransome and Ernest Altounyan went to Rugby.

Miss Lee was sent to a school in Hong Kong and then to Great Marlow school in England, as her father said his daughter must have an English education. At Gleat Marlow she was half-back in the hockey team, and joined the Girl Guides. She gained the Higher Certifcate with Honours and entry to the University of Cambridge. She goes to Camblidge and was velly happy. I thought I should go on passing examinations and perhaps spend all my life, like her (the mistless at Gleat Marlow) in learning and teaching. I went to Camblidge and listened to lectures and made fliends (there were many there who hoped to teach)(ML13).

But in her first year his father sends a letter with only two words Come Home. So she came home by big steamer to Hong Kong and then a junk to the Three Islands when her father Olo Lee a velly old man. So she stays; he taught me all his business and there was no need for me to go back to Camblidge as she had learned enough. But he was velly ill and at last calls a meeting of the Thlee Island Council where they all swore that they would obey me. Her father was dead the next morning (ML13).

So in Missee Lee the frustrated Cambridge scholar plans to turn the Swallows, Amazons and Captain Flint into her own class of classical scholars: So I make my Camblidge here .... I have a class of students. Not quite Camblidge. But we will study here. We will study evelly day. We will tlanslate Virgil. We will lead Caesar. So after an examination she made up her mind to do the best she can with her uneven class ... Loger will go to top (ML13).

Oxford and Cambridge are the two oldest English universities. Captain Flint was briefly at Oxford, but chucked Oxford before Oxford made up its mind to chuck me. He did not ... low (row) for Oxford. Miss Lee says At Oxford the scholarship is poor, but the marmalade velly good , and In five, ten years pelhaps, no one will guess you only went to Oxford :about Captain Flint, who gives Susan a warning kick (ML16).

Scholar: Only in Swallowdale do the Swallows have holiday tasks from school. When Mother says .... if you don't want come back to to Holly Howe and get on with the holiday tasks John says We can do the holiday tasks anywhere' and Titty adds If you do a holiday task indoors .... it isn't really a holiday task. It might just as well be a school one (SD10). Later John decided that something ought to be done about the holiday tasks and Susan agreed that with a whole week of the holidays gone and the holiday tasks not yet begun, it was high time that everybody settled down to them (SD15). Roger has no holiday tasks to bother about, but John has Algebra, Susan has Geography, and Titty has French grammar and verbs, though when Roger sees the Amazons approaching French verbs had lost their chance for that day (SD16). The picture of Titty's knapsack on the summit shows the top of a book titled French .... (SD27).

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