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The Royal Navy is the British maritime defence force. In Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series, the Navy is mentioned as the employer of Ted Walker and the expected career of John Walker and Roger Walkerref req.

I'm going into the Navy, said John. Like Father (ML16)
When Nancy says at the end of the holiday We'll be grown up, and then we'll live here (on Wild Cat Island) all the year round John replies I shall be going to sea some day .... and so will Roger. But we'll always come back here on leave (SA31),

Mrs Barrable's brother Richard was in the Navy during the War (CC24).

Arthur Ransome and the Navy[]

AR wanted to lend his boat for Dunkirk:

..... the Admiralty issued a sudden unexplained appeal for small boats. Arthur offered “Selina”, but she was rejected: he realised afterwards that her tiny engine, useful only in a calm, would have been no good at Dunkirk (Life, page 369).

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