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The Roaring Donkey is an inn in Norfolk up a dyke only big enough for rowing boats from the river; so most yachts and cruisers pass it by. It does not look prosperous, needing paint and new thatching. The landlord is Jemmy, and his wife is Mary (BS7.8).

The Owner of the Cachalot is moored nearby, and is near to Kendall Dyke. While he is away getting milk from the Roaring Donkey, Pete catches The World’s Whopper of a pike, which the owner has bet the landlord he can catch (BS7).

The landlord weighs the pike as Thirty pound and a half, and says that the fish will make our fortunes ....they’ll be coming from London and Manchester .... We’ll have the spare beds full from June to March (BS8)

In the Postscript to The Big Six, the Death and Glories go in the Cachalot "down the Bure and up the Thurne to the Roaring Donkey to see the handing over of the stuffed fish to the inn, with their three names in gold letters. An old fisherman with a white beard says Poor lads …. So young and with nothing left to live for. Pete says lets go and catch another.