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Rio Bay is on the eastern side of The Lake. The little town of Rio is off the bay, and Long Island is across the entrance to Rio Bay.

Two rocks, the Hen and the Chicken, are near Rio Bay:

  • Nancy says when they are sailing in the fog: We'll have to look out for the Hen and Chicken on the way across the bay .... (Rocks?) Yes. The Hen is the big one where the gulls paddle, right out in the middle of the bay. The Chicken's just a little one.... The rocks are only just above water. They see a rock on the port bow. That was the Hen all right. Now for the Chicken. But they never saw the Chicken. Steamer buoy right ahead was the next thing called by the look-out (SD32).
  • Chicken? said Dorothea, looking about her for a drowning bird. Peggy says That rock as they swept past it .... There's the steamer buoy, and then the Chicken and then the Hen .... and after that it's more or less clear, except for good-sized islands. They swept on, past the Hen, across the bay, and out beyond Long Island (WH7).
  • Now they could see Rio Bay and the steamer pier. They were slipping slowly through a fleet of yachts at their moorings. Motor boats were moving about with cargoes of visitors .... Rio on this summer day was a busy place. A steamship hooted, left the pier, and steamed slowly out of the Bay (SA8).
  • The steamer was coming out of the Rio channel betweeen Long Island and the mainland (SD1)
  • In Rio Bay the ice round the steamer pier and out beyond Long Island was black with skaters (WH10).
  • Going down into Rio they saw the sparkling waters of the bay, with its landing-stages and its anchored yachts (PP1).
  • Rio Bay with its crowd of rowing boats, its moored yachts, its boat landings, the steamer pier, and, beyond it, the big sheds of the boatbuilders ..... and two big buoys that marked the rocks that the steamers had to avoid. Dorothea thinks back to Rio Bay all ice and thick with skating Eskimos (on the winter day they found the North Pole) (PM14).
  • Dorothea wants to go to Rio, But one glance towards the crowded bay, with its trippers windmilling around in rowing boats, and a big steamer just leaving the pier, decided Dick. Once in there was enough for one day (PM16).