Arthur Ransome Wiki

References to Arthur Ransome's works used in this wiki are based on those proposed by Christina Hardyment in the first issue of Mixed Moss.

If you think any assertion or fact given in an article needs a reference, just add {{evidence?}} at the end of a sentence


A reference takes the form of an abbreviation referring to a book or journal, followed by a number giving a chapter or volume (please don't follow the established academic convention of using page numbers, because there are too many editions with differing numbering, and first editions are too hard to get). For example:

Roger is aged seven as the series begins (SA1). — chapter 1, Swallows and Amazons.

References in this wiki are based on those proposed by Christina Hardyment (MM1) — volume 1 of Mixed Moss.



  • SA: Swallows and Amazons
  • SD: Swallowdale
  • PD: Peter Duck
  • WH: Winter Holiday
  • CC: Coot Club
  • PP: Pigeon Post
  • WD: We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea
  • SW: Secret Water
  • BS: The Big Six
  • ML: Missee Lee
  • PM: The Picts and the Martyrs
  • GN: Great Northern
  • CN: 'Coots in the North' (the story in CNOS)
  • CNOS: Coots in the North and other stories (the anthology, ed Hugh Brogan)
  • TOS: 'Their Own Story' (in CFT)
  • OPR: Old Peter's Russian Tales
  • WBB: The War of the Birds and the Beasts
  • AAR: The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome
  • MAF: Mainly about Fishing
  • LAR: The Life of Arthur Ransome (Hugh Brogan )
  • CFT: Arthur Ransome and Capt Flint's Trunk (Christina Hardyment)
  • SFM: Signalling from Mars: the letters of Arthur Ransome (ed Hugh Brogan)
  • NBUS: Nancy Blacket: Under sail with Arthur Ransome by Roger Wardale
  • TWAR: The World of Arthur Ransome by Christina Hardyment