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Ratty is Joe's pet white rat in Coot Club, The Big Six and Coots in the North.

Joe carries Ratty in his coat, and when Ronald, one of the Hullabaloos grabs his coat he says "Look out for my coat .... Its got my rat in it". The woman in orange pyjamas shrieks Rat! (CC8).

Joe and Ratty play an old game of theirs: Joe putting the rat into his sleeve, and the rat working its way up the sleeve and coming out somewhere else. Then when George Owdon searches the Death and Glory looking for the camera, he finds a square wooden box on the shelf over Joe’s bunk. He feels inside the box, pulls out the cotton wool, and is bitten – "Are rat-bites poisonous?" he asks Ralph Strakey (BS29).

In (CN3) Joe goes and gets Ratty to go North with them. Bill says Joe've gone plumb mad. He've brought his rat. Later Joe goes aboard the Bonnka to claim my old rat which he has left there, and strikes up a friendship with the owner (there is a picture of the man watching Ratty on the table eating bread and milk out of a saucer).