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Ralph Strakey is a friend of George Owdon in BS and hence an enemy of The Coot Club. He is visiting at George's uncle's in Horning, and for most of BS is just "George's friend" or "the other big boy" except for "Come on, Ralph" (BS4) and "You saw him, didn't you, Ralph" (BS29); his surname is not revealed until the last chapter (BS32).

It is not stated where he is from, or whether he is a Norfolk Coot like George.

Ralph (like George) has a smoking habit (BS2).

In Frank Farland's home George gives Ralph an "angry look" when Ralph refers to the "great flare" that Bill set off to get the photograph (BS32). Earlier Ralph is astute enough to say to George "What's the name of that kid? We've both got to say we saw the same one" (BS29).

At the end of BS in "What happened to the Fish", Joe says: Them two ... George Owdon and that other. They go away next morning and we never seen 'em since.