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A Primus stove appear in most of the yachts in the stories. Teasel (CC), and Goblin (WD) all have one. So does Death and Glory.

The Houseboat has more than one. Captain Flint says "I’m good at my own Primuses if Nancy and Peggy haven’t been at them” and is relieved to find that Susan has been doing the primussing (WH21).

There is a Primus on Temple Island in Missee Lee, with a can of paraffin and started by solid cubes of Meta (ML5).

In (CN3) Bill starts the Primus on Death and Glory, a job he always liked, slopping a little methylated spirit into the tray below the burner, watching till it was all but going out, closing the valve, working the pump, and seeing the stove come suddenly alive with a roar and a blue flame.

Primus is a Swedish brand of pressurised-burner camp cooker, see Portable stove. Most portable cookers now use disposable canisters of liquefied Butane gas, but Primuses of the thirties to fifties used paraffin (kerosene) which was forced by air pressure through a small nozzle cleaned with a pricker. The Primus was started by pumping up the air pressure with an inbuilt pump and some methylated spirits in liquid or solid form near the nozzle was lit to vapourise the paraffin.

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