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The porter at Strickland Junction Station who gives Roger a pigeon in a basket to let fly and warn the Amazons that they are coming (PP1) is unnamed.

There is a porter called Robert or Bob at Rio Station. He straps Titty and Roger's suitcases onto the luggage grid of Rattletrap. Thank you Robert says Mrs Blackett (PP1).

In Winter Holiday Mrs Dixon says that catching a train in towns is not like going up to the station here and having a word with old Bob, that’s been porter and guard these thirty year (WH9). Presumably she means Rio Station.

At the station at the foot of the lake the porter is Old Carrotty who used to work at Beckfoot years ago, and has not seen the Great Aunt for three or four years (PM25).

At Norwich Station a porter and a ticket inspector shout at Tom to wait for the next train, rather than jumping onto the train when it is moving (CC1).

In Peter Duck a porter helps the Swallows by pushing a handcart piled with their luggage (including Polly) from the station (PD1).