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Pirate can refer to:

  • The Amazons The flag .... was black and on it in white were a skull and two crossed bones (SA8).
  • The Death and Glories Piracy had been a good plan once, but it had had its day except among the younger Coots, who refused to be weaned from it (CC3).
  • Miss Lee, Taicoons Chang and Wu, the Three Islands pirates. Olo Lee said Tax collectors are licher than pilates. Pilates had better turn tax-collectors. No more pilacy ... Evellybody velly pleased to pay a bit to Thlee Islands men for plotection (ML13).
  • Black Jake and the crew of the Viper
  • Perhaps Captain Flint; Titty initially thinks he is a retired pirate, and Nancy says It's quite a good thing for him to be (SA3,10).
  • Perhaps the Swallows: When the second Customs officer says Rank piracy Titty interrupts It really was piracy ... We’ll all be hanged at Execution Dock ... in chains ... jangling in the wind. Oh, I say, Jim, do prosecute. Nancy'd be simply delighted ... (WD26).