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Peter, father of Pete of the Death and Glories, is an employee of Jonnatt's, the boatbuilder in Horning.


Since AR's proposed name in unpublished sketch notes for Pete was Peter Woods (Ransome's draft for Coot Club as quoted in LAR10), one assumes that his dad was a Woods also. On the other hand, AR gave the name Woods to the lorryman in 'Coots in the North'(CN4); if they are both Woodses, then they are not closely enough related for Mr Woods to be addressed by Pete as "Uncle".


  • The Big Six: Peter gave Pete an extra threepence for his tooth, in recognition of the unusual style of tooth extraction, after hearing Pete's explanation for the events leading to the broken window at Jonnatt's boathouse.
"Mum say it was worth another threepence but she hadn't the money," said Pete.
Up to you, Peter," laughed one of the men.
"I'll be going short of beer," said Pete's father, digging in his trouser pocket. (BS2).
  • 'Coots in the North': Peter (un-named in this story) helped to load the newly-built motor cruiser Bonnka on to a transporter lorry and then accompanied lorry driver Mr Woods to the Lake to hand over the boat to its customer. Pete and his friends risked a 'whopping' from his father by stowing away on board.