Peter Duck’s treasure in Peter Duck are pearls in four leather bags with Portugese names on whalebone labels; Mallies (poor), Bonies (good), Niggers (black) and Roses (pink). The Swallows and Amazons find the eyelets left from the canvas bag and then a small teakwood box lined with lead with brass bindings and clamp and a rusty (not brass) padlock in the roots of a tree uprooted by the storm. But they do not look in the bags (PD28).

Later when Captain Flint opens the bags he finds that even the Rosies are faded after sixty years, and they are not worth a tremendous lot (PD35,36). Mr Duck saw the small teak box buried at the foot of a coconut tree fifty, sixty or maybe seventy years ago (PD5). His three daughters told the story to others, and Black Jake heard the yarn in the taverns of Lowestoff. (PD6). Mr Duck has always said I’ll never go there, but after what’s happened since yesterday I’m with you, sir. I’ll show you the place as near as I can (PD13). But afterwards of all the crew ... Peter Duck took least interest in the treasure (PD35).

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