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The Pacific or Pacific Ocean is mentioned by John on the top of Kanchenjunga when he says:

if they went beyond the Isle of Man they would come to Ireland .... America .... the Pacific and China .... all Asia and then all Europe (SD27).

The Pacific is also mentioned in Missee Lee as they have crossed it on the Wild Cat's second voyage when they are headed to China. Titty wonders whether the next port after the Hundredth port would be like Papeete (the capital of French Polynesia, on the island of Tahiti) with palms and houses on the very edge of the quay? (ML1). Later Captain Flint was smoking one of the cigars he had bought in Papeete (ML2)

Australia and New Zealand border the Pacific; Mary Walker the best of all natives was born in Australia and has been to New Zealand.

Formosa (then administered by Japan) is an island in the Pacific which can be regarded as part of China.