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Most people here have got at least one foot in the water...and they do say a lot of the babies are born web-footed, like ducks. (Mrs Barrable, CC2).

The Norfolk Broads are a series of shallow lakes and wetlands in the countryside around Norwich. The largest broads are Hickling Broad and Barton Broad.

The lakes are linked by the Bure and Yare rivers and smaller rivers, canals and dykes. This network of waterways makes a labyrinth of navigable water well-known as a suitable training ground for new sailors, in Ransome's time and today.

The County of Norfolk is a low-lying county in the east of England and on the North Sea. Norwich is the administrative centre and main city.

The counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire make up the area known as East Anglia.

Ransome and Norfolk[]

Arthur Ransome visited Norfolk many times for sailing trips, including cruises with the Northern River Pirates, a group of friends.

Norfolk Broads in the books[]

The Norfolk Broads feature in the following Swallows and Amazons series books:

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