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New Zealand has been visited by Mary Walker, as she says that the big trout, "two pounds if he's an ounce", that Roger and Titty catch at Swallowdale is "the biggest trout she had ever seen in England, though she had seen much bigger in Australia and New Zealand" (SD15).

Pelorus Jack[]

Mr Duck's yarns in Peter Duck refer to Pelorus Jack, the fish that used to pilot vessels into Sydney harbour, and had a law made in his own protection (PD17, second paragraph).

Pelorus Jack was actually a Risso's dolphin, a mammal. And Mr Duck was a whole country out in the location; Pelorus Jack accompanied steamers travelling between Nelson and Wellington across New Zealand's Cook Strait, more than 1000 miles from Sydney harbour. He (if he was male) was first seen in 1888, the Act of Parliament for his protection was passed on 26 Sept 1904, and he was last seen in 1912.