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Acryllium vulturinum Schönbrunn2008c

A Vulturine Guineafowl diplaying its neck feathers, so useful for making elver flies.

Major Myles North (1908-1967) was a colonial civil servant and keen fisherman and ornithologist living in Kenya who befriended Arthur Ransome by letter-writing (CFT13). North helped Ransome obtain feathers of the Vulturine Guineafowl for producing Ransome's invention, the elver fly for catching salmon (MAFref req).

Myles North's suggestion for the plot of Great Northern? earned him the dedication in that book: To Myles North, who, knowing a great deal of what happened, asked me to write the whole story.

North went on to suggest a further book set in Kenya, with The Coot Club and George Owdon; this never eventuated (CFT13).

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