Mrs McGinty is the “old housekeeper” to Frank Farland, and hence helps him look after the twins Nell and Bess. She is the widow of an Irishman, though born in Glasgow (CC3).

Port imitates her accent: "Yes. Hello. It’s a braw mornin’, Ginty, and we’re all well the noo, and hoping your ainsel’s the same ….. Ye young limb …." when they phone home from Oulton (CC23).

In Great Northern?, the family name McGinty is used for the chieftain (The McGinty) and his son (Ian), as if their real name was printed it would tell everybody who read it exactly where the Great Northern Divers had their nest .... at Dorothea's suggestion, the name McGinty was chosen, borrowed from Mrs McGinty whom Dick and Dorothea had met at Horning on the Norfolk Broads (GN24).

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