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Mr Jonnatt is the head of Jonnatt's, the boatbuilders at Horning.


  • After the Coots go up to the loft over Jonnatt's boatshed to extract Pete's tooth, some glass is broken.(BS1) Later Tom Dudgeon goes to apologise. Mr Jonnatt was initially quite beastly, accusing Tom or his young friends of casting off the cruiser moored to the end of the staithe the night when Pete’s tooth was extracted, but was very decent about the pane of glass (BS2).
  • Tom looks at a bicycle with Dunlop tyres in the doorway of Jonnatt's, but sees the owner's card on the toolbag and decides that Mr Jonnatt himself was hardly likely to have ridden over to Ranworth in the dark to cast off other people's boats (BS20).
  • Mr Jonnatt supervises the loading of Bonnka, and has an office at the side of the shed (CN2).