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"It's three days since they had honest milk," said Susan. (GN8)

The effort made to obtain regular supplies of milk is a frequent feature of the Swallows and Amazons series.

Milk suppliers[]

I have arranged with the farm over there, Dixon's Farm, to let you have a quart of milk every morning. (Mrs Walker, SA5)

Condensed milk[]

This tinned abomination seems never to rate a mention without some sort of implicit disdain:

"If that kitten's got any sense, it'll like honest cow's milk better than condensed." (Daddy, WD22)
"We got to use tinned milk," said Pete. "Course we got to," said Joe. (BS12)
They had breakfast in the cabin, porridge, sardines and tea, with condensed milk out of a tin which gave its usual queer taste to the tea and the porridge, ... (GN)
In Secret Water Titty says to Don One of them bought us some milk this morning, but that was just to see what we were like. We’ve got our own milk, in tins (SW8). They took two dozen tins of milk (SW5). The native had said he told your dad and mam .. there’d be milk to spare some days and Susan replied We’ve brought lots of milk in tins. But this’ll be ever so much nicer. She offers him his own milk (which is in a large bottle) for tea as You won’t like ours after the real milk (SW8). When they visit a cowshed close to the staithe, Roger remarks that the milk is only twopence a pint, but threepence in our own country (they have come overseas) (SW21)

The lack of regular fresh milk supplies might be a feature of a Peter Duck story.

Ransome and milk[]

Arthur Ransome relied on a constant supply of milk to control his gastric problems:

This winter will probably be my last, because my method of keeping going by pouring down milk will be brought to an end by that damned grocer Woolton... (SFM)