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"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might have been." Commander Ted Walker, RN.

A Might Have Been comes from the saying of her father's quoted by Titty Walker in We didn't mean to go to sea (WD2). It was also repeated on the title page.

Might Have Been was a tentative name for the Miners' camp in Pigeon Post before Titty's discovery of water there which made camping possible.

Fan fiction[]

The term Might have been has been used by Ransomites writing in 1929 (journal) for the type of "what happened next" stories that are popular among fans. This type of writing, sometimes called fan fiction has also featured in Mixed Moss, the journal of The Arthur Ransome Society.

Perhaps the most celebrated example of a might have been that actually bore fruit was the unsolicited letter (SFM1944) to Arthur Ransome from Myles North whose sketch of another story led to the writing of Great Northern? (see GN title page).

On Arthur Ransome Wiki, it is important to highlight any text that is a 'might have been' or conjecture with the tags {{mhb}} or {{Might have been}}. For example:

Nancy and John would probably marry some daymight have been