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Mavis Altounyan, later Mavis Guzelian, known as Titty was born in Aleppo, Syria on 28 May 1920 and died in England on 3 July 1998. She married Melkon Guzelian, an Armenian in 1954. They had one son and two daughters. One daughter with Downs syndrome died at 29, predeceasing Mavis.

Though the Guzelians moved to the Lake District, Mavis (Titty) later downplayed her connection with Swallows and Amazons and sailing, emphasizing their Armenian links.

Mavis's nickname was not an abbreviation of Laetitia, but comes from a children's storybook called Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse; see:

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  • Obituary from The Independent of 8 July 1998.