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Margoletta is a large motor cabin cruiser hired by the Hullabaloos from Rodley's of Wroxham, in Coot Club.

'Rodley's the boat-letting and boatbuilding firm puts up a notice offering a reward for information about the boy who cast her off (CC11).

She has two cabins, one with a wireless set with loudspeaker and one with a gramophone (CC4). When they hear that her battery has been changed, Dick says They must use a lot of electricity ... with a wireless like that going all the time (CC9). Her name is on the bows in big brass letters (CC18).

After the Death and Glories salvage the Margoletta, Rodley's scrape and paint the Death and Glory and give her a new sail and spars and an awning (CC (Postscript)).

When Pete goes to Rodley’s and asks about boats being cast off, the "fat foreman" says to ask the Coot Club at Horning (BS17).

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