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Events in March[]

  • March 17: Mrs Callum's birthday; Dick has written in his notebook Mother's Birthday = March 17th (WH5).

Native events in March[]

  • March 1920: Frederick Field joins the Board of Admiralty as the Third Sea Lord and controller before a few years later becoming First Sea Lord of the Admiralty as reviled by Roger (see SW1)
  • March 1921 Ransome purchases Kittiwake for use in the Baltic to replace Slug; bought in Reval for £25 with a windfall from an American paper.
  • 2 March 1929: Arthur Ransome discusses the plot of Winter Holiday in a letter to his mother (LAR p331)
  • 29 March 1929: Ransome says he is hammering at a story (that is, Swallows and Amazons) (SFM1929)
  • 27 March 1935: Arthur Ransome researched locations for High Topps; Went up behind Tilberthwaite with Gnossie. Saw several old workings and a suitable bit of country for my story (NBUS p90)
  • 13 March 1975: Evgenia Ransome, Arthur Ransome's second wife, dies.

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