Malta was a British colony in the 1930s, and the ship of Commander Ted Walker was stationed there.

  • All the letters (about going to the island) had gone together .... to his (Roger’s) father, whose ship was at Malta but under orders for Hong Kong (SA1).
  • Mary Walker talked of Malta and Gibraltar .... (SA16).
  • Susan explained that their mother had gone away only yesterday morning, to go to Malta, where their father’s ship was stationed for a time .... (WH3).
  • Titty said that Polly was at the zoo as I couldn't very well have him at school, and mother couldn't take him to Malta .... (WH13).
  • Dorothea sends a card to her mother from Potter Heigham, and writes This is our first port of call, like Malta was when you and father went to Egypt (CC13).

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