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Lowestoft is a port on the North Sea near the Norfolk Broads.

Home port of Wild Cat[]

The Swallows, Amazons and Captain Flint departed from Lowestoft with Mr Duck on Wild Cat's first voyage. Black Jake and his schooner Viper, as well as Red-haired Bill were based here (PD).

The Lowestoft harbourmaster tells Captain Flint that Mr Duck is the best seaman that's ever shipped out of Lowestoft, but doubts that Black Jake would push a boy into the harbour. He is described as the greatest man of the whole port, with gold on his cap and on his dark blue coat (PD1,2).

Visit by the crew of Teasel[]

Mrs Barrable, The Ds, Tom Dudgeon and Port and Starboard planned to visit Lowestoft docks by bus after their shilling-apiece hot baths at Oulton (CC23).

Most visited?[]

This raises the possibility that Lowestoft is the location visited by more Swallows and Amazons series characters than any other location. On the other hand, one group visited only metafictionally in a Peter Duck story and the other group might not have visited at all.

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