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London is where the Callum family lives. It appears that Dick goes to a boarding school, while Dorothea goes to a day school:

Dorothea had been seen off by her mother at Euston. Dick, coming straight from school, had joined the train at Crewe (PM2). At home Professor Callum had to be busy for a fortnight in London correcting examination papers .... (PM1).

At the beginning of Coot Club, Richard (Mrs Barrable's brother) had to go off to London to paint portraits of some important Indians .... (CC1)

At the beginning of Secret Water, Daddy (Ted Walker) has to go to London: It means going up to London the day after tomorrow .... You'll have to come to London with me, Mary .... (SW1). At the end he says to the Amazons: Hello the Pirates .... Your Mother's meeting you in London (SW31).

Most of the characters do not go to London by choice! The Swallows and Amazons think of the Ds as "town children" in Winter Holiday:

  • Good for those two town children thinks Nancy (WH20).
  • Susan says People oughtn’t to be allowed to be brought up in towns (WH27).
  • John thinks of Dorothea, a little town girl (WH27).

Bohemia in London[]

Arthur Ransome moved to London in 1902, and wrote Bohemia in London about his life there, and about literary and artistic life in the suburbs of Chelsea, Soho, and Hampstead.