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Below is a list of native artifacts, objects or products that appear in the Swallows and Amazons series. The links will take you to a native website where you can find out more.

  • Army & Navy Stores, suppliers to the Secret Archipelago Expedition (SW5): wikipedia:Army & Navy Stores
  • Aspirin, the Great-Aunt's medication after the burglary: "she's taken an aspirin and gone to bed" (PM20); "the G.A. said she had a headache and took an aspirin and went to bed."; then "Aspirin and all, I bet she's still in a bate when she wakes up" (PM21): see Wikipedia:Aspirin
  • Bovril (SW5): wikipedia:Bovril
  • Brooke engine (yachtsman speculating on the engine type as they look at the Bonnka that is going north to the Lake, CN): see Wikipedia:Brooke Marine
  • Camp-shedding mentioned along with wooden piling as a thing you don't want to bump a boat into (BS3). See [] "Facing of piles and boards along a river bank to protect it from the action of the current, or to stop the bank from collapsing."
  • "We ought to make the Clerk of the Weather a member of the town council" (the town grocer, SW24): see Wikipedia:Met Office
  • Cooper's Oxford Marmalade (ML16): wikipedia:Frank Cooper (marmalade manufacturer)
  • Dunlop, John Bull or Palmer cycle tyres (BS14,19,20)
  • Force (SA5) or Grape Nuts (SA23) cereals: wikipedia:Force (cereal)
  • Fry's Cocoa (PM frontispiece): wikipedia:J. S. Fry & Sons
  • There is a Handy Billy petrol engine in the Goblin: Daddy asks "... What sort of engine is it? Roger replies “Handy Billy .... And it always starts first buzz. At least it did ….”. Then they nearly fill the tank with paraffin instead of petrol (benzene). It went off at the first swing and Daddy says: "Well, that’s an engine worth having aboard” (WD23). Handy Billy DB2 was a make of Marine engine built by the Thornycroft company: see wikipedia:Thornycroft.
  • Iodine, Susan's universal medication. When John scrapes his wrist Susan says I'm sure Mother'd say you ought to put some on (and) slopped iodine on to it out of the bottle. John says Yow .... I wish you hadn't spotted it (WD13). To Roger: Oh Roger, put some iodine on it at once (SW12) wikipedia:Tincture of iodine
  • Jack Tar stove in Harry Bangate's eel sett hulk (BS3): a type of wood and coal fired heater. See Wikipedia: Multi-fuel stove
  • Mariner Brand, Best Quality, Gold Medal Antifouling Paint (GN3).
  • Morris engine (yachtsmen speculating on the engine type as they look at the Bonnka that is going north to the Lake, CN): see Wikipedia: Morris Motor Company
  • The Secret Archipelago Expedition's map was not up to the standard of the Ordnance Survey (the British government map agency, SW12): see Wikipedia:Ordnance Survey
  • Petit Larousse encyclopedia (ML11): wikipedia:Petit Larousse
  • Phosphoros de Seguranca - Compannia Fiat Lux matchbox belonging to Squashy Hat: - Companhia Fiat Lux de Fósforos de Segurança, a Brazilian match company.
  • Primus for stove, many appearances. See Wikipedia: Primus
  • Quaker Oats is a brand of cooked breakfast cereal or porridge: see wikipedia:Quaker Oats. Susan says Come on Peggy. I put some quaker oats to soak last night (PD9). Peggy says of the Fram There’s lots of Quaker Oats in the cupboard, when she thinks that the Ds will be waiting for milk for their breakfast (WH22).
  • Soap box A soap box, in a corner well away from the fire, was being used as a larder (PM5). The soap-box larder (PM6). A soap-box is a sturdy wooden box for delivering large amounts of soap from the factory: These were popular for standing on to deliver native speeches, or to build children's wheeled carts for riding downhill.
  • Squashed Fly buscuits (SW5): wikipedia:Garibaldi biscuit
  • Tannic Jelly (ML2): wikipedia:tannin
  • Tate & Lyle sugar case: A Tate & Lyle sugar case for a table (PM5), the sugar case that was the Picts' table (PM7): see wikipedia: Tate & Lyle
  • Wrights Coal Tar Soap (ML13): wikipedia:Wrights Coal Tar Soap