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Lapwing is a yacht in Secret Water, also called a "Mission ship". She is a big yellow square-sterned cutter with white sails (SW1,2,9), and is based in Colnsea (SW9). She is larger than Goblin, and has a forecabin and saloon. The cooking area is in the for'ard part of the cabin. The Swallows and Amazons are invited to tea on her (SW20).

The Lapwings is a name used to refer to the crew of Lapwing (SW8):

  • Daisy, the outgoing, Nancyish female leader of the Eel tribe. She is smaller than the boys, but seemed to be in command (SW18).
  • Dum and Dee, her relatively quiet brothers, are named after Tweedledum and Tweedledee for their appearance as twins; Daisy says They're not twins, but everybody thinks they are. They are not the same size, and the larger of the two boys grins when Titty says she never left the camp all day. (SW19). Later when Titty says ruefully that they got it without my noticing anything Daisy says Not your fault. Dum’s our best Eel. So presumably Dum is the larger brother. Roger says Dum and Dee. The silent brothers. They both ought to be called Dumb. (SW20).
  • their parents, the Missionaries; a he-missionary and a she-missionary. We (the Eels) count their grown-ups missionaries says the Mastadon (SW9).

Native prototype[]

The real Lapwing was a 9-ton cutter owned by Major Busk who lived at the Grange up the lane leading to Pin Mill and was a friend of AR; his children John, Gillian (Jill) and Michael were devoted Ransome enthusiasts and had a sailing dinghy Wizard (NBUS pages 114-115),(CFT p186 ).

Secret Water is dedicated to The Busk Family.

There are several types of wading bird called lapwings (see Wikipedia:Lapwing).