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Julia Jones (writer)

Julia Jones in 2009.

Julia Jones, formerly also known as Julia Thorogood[1], born 1954, is an English writer, editor, book publisher and classic yacht owner.

Julia Jones was born in Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1954[2]. When she was three years old, her father George Jones bought the wooden sailing ketch Peter Duck, a yacht originally commissioned and owned by children's novellist Arthur Ransome. This nautical connection with Ransome, along with numerous pony books, influenced a lifelong enthusiasm for books. She opened a bookshop in Ingatestone, Essex, then developed into small scale local publishing, re-issuing a Second World War autobiography by crime writer Margery Allingham[2].

Jones' interest in the Allingham family grew; she researched Margery Allingham's life and wrote a biography published in 1991. Jonesa has also studied the fiction writing of Margery Allingham's father, Herbert Allingham[2].

In 2006 Jones decided to become a writer of adventure stories, like the Swallows and Amazons series she had read as a child[2]. The Salt-Stained Book, the first part of a planned sailing adventure trilogy, was released in June 2011[3]

Personal life[]

Jones has five children[4]; she lives with her two younger children and partner Francis Wheen, a writer, journalist and broadcaster, currently deputy editor of Private Eye[5].


Books by Julia Jones[6]

  • The Salt-Stained Book (Strong Winds trilogy 1) June 16, 2011
  • (edited/published) Cheapjack. Being the True History of a Young Man's Adventures as a Fortune Teller, Grafter, Knocker-Worker, and Mounted Pitcher on the Market-Places and Fair-grounds of a Modern But Still Romantic England by Philip Allingham, republished July 1, 2010
  • The Adventures of Margery Allingham March 2, 2009
  • (writing as Julia Thorogood) Margery Allingham: A Biography, October 14, 1991
  • (published) The Oaken Heart: The Story of an English Village at War, by Margery Allingham, re-issued 1988
  • (edited/published, as Julia Thorogood)Yesterday's Heroes, by June Jones, January 1, 1986


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