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Jonnatt & Co, usually called Jonnatt's is one of the boatbuilders yards at Horning, below the staithe. It is managed by Mr Jonnatt. Mr Jonnatt is quite beastly when Tom goes to see him about the broken window, accusing Tom or his young friends of casting off the cruiser moored to the end of the staithe that night when Pete’s tooth was extracted, but was very decent about the pane of glass (BS2)

Mr Jonnatt rides a bicycle with a toolbag and with Dunlop tyres, but Tom does not think he would have ridden over to Ranworth to cast off boats (BS20).


  • Jonnatt & Co has boats and yachts for sale or hire (illustration, BS1). The sail loft above the shed is used for Pete’s dental work (BS1).
  • The stove in the Death and Glory is fuelled by wood shavings from boatbuilders, usually (but not this time) from Jonnatt's (BS5).
  • Bonnka was built at Jonnatt's and is loaded there for transport to the Lake (CN1).