Jim Wooddall is the skipper of the wherry Sir Garnet. In Coot Club he gives a lift down to Stokesby to Port and Starboard when they miss the Teasel (CC17,19). When Jim (who was Norfolk like Tom) sees the notice about the casting-off of the Margoletta he thinks that the other people were probably to blame. Foreigners anyway are not pleasant folk .... those chaps can cover the place with paper before anybody give him away (CC12).

Simon Fastgate or Old Simon (Old Sim) an old wherryman assists Jim on Sir Garnet. Simon likes his bacon "thick an' soft an' jewsy" (CC19). He was modelled on Carl Sehmel, the Ancient Mariner, who had the same preference in bacon (Life page 257,336)

In The Big Six, Sir Garnet is cast adrift and is saved by Tom, although Jim initially blames Tom for casting her off. A new coil of rope is missing from her (BS10).

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