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Jack the woodman, also described as Mary's woodman is a log haulier working in the woods around the lake. He is romantically involved with Mary Swainson and is a friend of the Charcoal burners.

The explorers Titty and Roger see a sight worth waiting for, three horses hauling the trunk of a great tree along the road, one leading the first horse and one riding on the log and smoking a pipe (SD4). Titty sees the woodman who led the horses speaking to Mary (SD10), and later they saw Mary’s woodman going off with his three horses and load of great trees (SD20).

He is one of the much younger natives that Titty and Roger meet at the Charcoal burner's camp, and Titty knew him at once for Mary Swainson's woodman. The other is Bob the woodman (SD30). Old Billy says Bonny lass is Mary Swainson, aye, and a good wife she'll make and all. He laughed and Jack reddened and then laughed too.



  • often seen chatting with Mary
  • brings news from Beckfoot
  • Brings Titty to the entrance of Swainson's farm on his log carrier, with news of Roger's accident

  • Mary Swainson mentions (PM23) that she will marry him some day.


Jack's brother Tom's wife is second cousin to M Braithwaite the cook at Beckfoot (SD19).