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Horseshoe Cove is a bay on the western shore of the Lake, towards its southern end. 'Horseshoe' describes its shape. A stream empties into the bay (the same stream that flows from Trout Tarn, through Swallowdale valley and through the woods near Swainson's Farm). The stream is sometimes called a beck (SD4,10,11).

In Swallows and Amazons they had tea there on the last day, the day after the storm when the lake was very high (SD3). Captain John said What a splendid cove, and Nancy replies It's one of our most private haunts .... Altogether free from natives (SA31).

Next year they first see Pike Rock by the entrance to Horseshoe Cove. Rock on the port bow sang out Roger; A beast says John; I wouldn’t like to run on it in the dark says the mate (SD3). Later Nancy says That’s the Pike Rock pointing out the rock opposite the southern of the two little headlands You wouldn’t be able to see it if the lake wasn’t so low and Peggy adds It’s awfully jagged .... Uncle Jim saw a fisherman sink his boat by rowing into it (SD4).

The next day Roger says Look at the waves breaking on the Pike Rock, and when the wind catches the wrong side of the sail Swallow .... ran with a loud crash on the Pike Rock (SD5).

Later Nancy fires an arrow with a message from the Beckfoot launch to John, Titty and Roger at Horseshoe Cove (Susan is cooking trout at the camp, and waiting for them to return!) (SD10).