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High Moor is on the western side of the Lake, between the Valley of the Amazon and the Lake. Swallowdale valley, the Trout Tarn and the Watch Tower Rock are adjacent to the High Moor, as are Crag Gill and the Dog's Home. High Moor is mentioned often in Swallowdale.

When marching overland to the Amazon Nancy tells them to first keep on top of the moor (SD21). Then they come to:

a wide ridge of rolling moorland ... the ridge sloped towards the right where, far away, they could see the green tops of larches and pines. Somewhere below those woods must be the lake. ... Not all the moorland was covered with heather. There were wide stretches of tall green bracken, and short-cropped grass burnt brown by the sun. Grey rocks rose up out of the grass and heather alike, It was if an old ragged counterpane of deep purple, patched with scrapos of faded green and rusty brown, had been thrown over the earth’s skeleton and the bones were showing (SD23).

High Street is a path across the upper edge of the High Moor. Heald Wood and the Charcoal burners hut are near High Moor, and they go along High Street to collect Roger. It is a clearly marked path, a narrow lane therough the purple heather and a track trodden firm across the grassy spaces. Nancy says that If it hadn’t been for High Street we’d probably have discovered Swallowdale. But we've always come up this side of the fell, and High Street is such a good track that we’ve always used it and never crossed over the watershed (SD34). When they see it from the summit of Kanchenjunga, Nancy says .... and there's High Street, where the Ancient Britons had a road along the top of the mountains (SD27).